Create Beautiful Signature Automatically By Name

Create an online signature by entering your name

Step 1: Enter your name to receive suggestions that are frequently used

Access the link:

After entering and updating your name, you will receive a variety of signature templates that you may like.

Step 2: Once you have selected a preferred template, click on that signature template.

At this point, the app will open a window where you can choose the color and tilt of the signature as shown in the image.

Finally, click "Save" to download or "Cancel" to choose another template.

Tips to create a beautiful signature:

What makes a beautiful signature:

A beautiful signature is evaluated by two main factors: the shape and the meaning of the signature. The shape and lines of the signature reflect your personality. The meaning reflects your aspirations for your own life.

2.1 The shape of a beautiful signature

In terms of shape, by looking at a signature, people can make a judgment about who you are. At the same time, your career, reputation, and happiness are also reflected in the strokes of your signature.

A beautiful signature is one that is wide and bold enough, with an overall harmonious and sleek appearance. More importantly, you need to clearly define your personality and aspirations to adjust and incorporate them into your signature. People look at your signature to understand who you are, but it's not entirely accurate if you're aware of what you're doing.

2.2 Analyzing the shape of a signature

To easily understand the meaning of a signature and shape a suitable, standardized signature for yourself, let's explore with Graphic Self-study.

Size of the signature:


In terms of size, the larger the signature, the more it shows that its owner is a free, open-minded person. For those with a small signature, they tend to be more individualistic and care more about themselves. Sometimes, it also shows that they are humble and strict with themselves. Depending on the distance between strokes, we can also deduce whether they are frugal or not.

Balance signature: A balanced signature is a type of signature that tends to be horizontal and balanced on the line. These are people who are good at balancing everything in life. However, they are also people with high stability. They are not people of breakthroughs. If these people are used for academic work, they will perform well.

Downward signature: The majority of people who own this type of signature are introverted. They lack confidence in themselves and are hesitant to learn.

Length of signature: The short length of your signature shows your personality. Not only the short length, but also the openness and distance of the lines.

Long signature: This is the signature of trustworthy people. But they represent the stubbornness and conservatism. "Long" represents their like to explain things. Diligence and industriousness represent its owner.

Short signature: This is the type of signature of people who like change. They have the ability to adapt immediately to new life. But the biggest weakness of this group is the lack of perseverance and focus on work.


Regarding the size, the size of the signature:


Generous people will have a large, clear signature. This is the group of people of freedom and openness. Sometimes they are dreamy and generous people. They also have a broad and kind mindset. If there are larger and smaller strokes that show strong personality and like to protect others.

Small signatures show that they are shy, introverted, and reluctant to communicate. They can also be people in the conservative principle group and selfish.


Pen pressure and signature thickness.


People with even and light pen pressure are good at managing emotions, kind, and generous. If light at the beginning and strong at the end, they are very easy to get angry, they cannot withstand high pressure.

People who write in bold, uneven lines are usually those with unstable personalities. This group of people changes frequently. Calm people write evenly, lightly, and without interruption.


Extra lines in the signature - How to create a beautiful signature.


The extra lines are the lines written in addition. For example, underlines, crosses... Each direction of the line, the position of these lines, affect you a lot.

People with dots: The habit of adding dots at the end of the signature is a sign of discipline. They think a lot and work carefully. They will think carefully before and after acting.

Signature with sharp cuts: Whether it's short or long, it also reflects rich emotions. They need support or sharing. Sometimes they like to add sharp cuts on each individual stroke. They are people who often self-reflect due to troubles and are confident.

Signature with a hook at the beginning: This is a person who tends to look at the past. They often have negative thoughts about what has happened.

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